This section provides links and references to outside resources that will enrich your aikido education and further your study.

Recommended Reading

We recommend the following references to further your understanding of aikido, ki, and the history of our art.

Affiliates & Resources

Ki No Kenkyukai - World Headquarters of Ki Society
Aikido means "The way to union with the Ki of the universe". The universe signifies nature itself. Ki-Aikido is the way to learn how to become one with the universe through the Ki Principle of, "Mind moves body". To "become one with universe" means to understand the universal mind.
Ki Aikido USA
There are many more movements in our daily lives. Your life can change a lot if you perform them in a plus way. Do you keep a unified body while you move? You must start a daily practice. Sometimes you may not be sure what is plus and what is minus. It depends on your mind.
Australian Ki Society
I would like to give special thanks to our initial Sensei and [previous] Chief Instructor of Aikido Ki Society Australia, Michael Williams, and his family, for their dedication and effort in passing on Tohei Sensei's Ki Principles, here Down Under. These principles and way of practicing Aikido have helped so many members achieve their goals, whether it be becoming an Instructor or just living life as they choose.
Singapore Ki Society
Aikido is a little known but Highly scientific series of techniques dealing with self defence that date back to the Kamakura Period in Japan.
United Kingdom - UK Ki Federation
The universe signifies nature itself. Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido or Ki-Aikido is the way to learn how to become one with the universe through the Ki Principle of, "Mind moves body"

U.S.A. (West to East)
Hawaii Ki Federation
It's called "Letting Go" and wherever I go, people always ask me, "What exactly do you mean? Letting go of what?" Because there appears to be so many things to let go of; material things, material wealth maybe, habits that we have...Or then actually, in our training, maybe letting go of the need to try to figure it out...We think there most be some secret that will solve our burning desire to understand. We have to let that go. But I have to say that, for me, the real point is letting go of the illusion of control. This is the most challenging, and like everything that is challenging, it is also the most rewarding when transformed.
Seattle Ki Society
The Seattle Ki Society was founded in 1969 and is led by Head Instructor Susan Grigsby Sensei.
Oregon Ki Society
Aikido literally means the way to harmony with Ki. Students study Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido to learn to coordinate mind and body, to work with others positively, and realize their full potentials.
Northern California Ki Society
Aikido practice consists of rolls, pins, throws and immobilizations. We practice as a group or in pairs, and we encourage cooperation between partners.
Southern California Ki Society
The Southern California Ki Society is a nonprofit public benefit organization. The specific purpose of this organization is to provide education in Ki-Aikido (a martial art), Ki development (mind and body coordination), Kiatsu (massage) and meditation to the general public.
Arizona Aikido Ki Society
The Arizona Aikido Ki Society is dedicated to the development of mind and body coordination through martial arts training. We offer the community a focal point from which they may interact with one another and enhance their quality of life through Ki Aikido training.
Austin Ki Aikido Center
The Austin Ki Aikido Center is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1983 and dedicated to teaching the principles of mind and body coordination through Ki and Aikido. The teaching methods are those taught by Master Koichi Tohei, founder of the Ki Society International.
Kansas Ki Society
Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art practiced for self-development and self-defense. Aikido is entirely defensive in its orientation. Our training is designed to use Ki (life energy), rhythm, and the coordinated action of mind and body rather than strength or brute force so Aikido is effective regardless of weight, body size or sex.
St. Louis Ki Society
We seek to improve the ability of individuals to respond to stress and conflict, positively and creatively, with calmness and relaxation.
Houston Ki Aikido
Ki is an old Japanese word which does not translate easily into English. It is used in many common Japanese idiomatic phrases where it conveys a meaning of spirit, energy, power, or air (gaseous).
Eastern Ki Federation
The Eastern Ki Federation is a new non-profit organization that links together the talents and vitality of Ki Society and member dojos across the Eastern United States.