2014 Special:

Special for new students, pay for 2 months and receive a new gi.

$170 for Adults, $90 for students (must show student id)

Adult class is for students 13 and up

Class Schedule

This special will allow you to begin to experience mind and body coordination through a series of exercises and aikido techniques. You will learn to roll, have unbendable arm, and do aikido throws and falls, all on our state of the art mats.

Our program focuses on all ages of students (from 13 to 93 years old). Classes are taught in a relaxed focused fashion that helps each student learn confidence, control, and self awareness. You will learn to be nage (lead and throw), and to be uke (follow and take rolls), all in a non-competitive setting. Aikido teaches one to first understand challenges while remaining calm, and work with and direct those challenges in a non-combative manner. Classes are a mixture of vibrant activity, and learning to be still, all with the strength that comes from "fudoshin", calmness that comes from infinite action, embodied in the calmness and stability of a spinning top.

Classes are held tuesday and thursday, you can start at anytime. Please arrive 15 minutes before class starts to prepare for class. On your first class please arrive 20 minutes early to allow you time to meet Sensei and register.

Being at one moment calm and still on the mat and at the next up and throwing and rolling all the while being aware of what is going on around is a great skill in fast paced world of today. The art of non-dissension applies to leading and following in the dojo and directly to being able to get along with family, siblings, peers and classmates.

All classes include Ki training. Ki training is the heart of Aikido. In most martial arts what ki training there is comes from repeating physical exercises until you have the insight to see the deeper levels of the practice, or not. What makes ki-aikido different is the teaching methods of Koichi Tohei Sensei. He developed a way of teaching that allows even beginners to experience what experienced practitioners can do, even in the first classes. This taste of sugar, seeing the power of mind and body coordination is profound. It is easy to experience but hard to maintain. Ki training is about keeping this state of mind in your practice and your work and life.

In Ki training we work with aspects of aikido that do not involve throws or attacks, instead focusing on the most subtle parts of the practice. Ki training can be done by anyone regardless of physical limitations that might make one leery to try the more physical demanding parts of aikido. We also include breathing exercises and meditation techniques as part of our practice.

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