Alex Korn, Head Instructor

I began to study in Aikido in 1985 the year I started graduate studies in Architecture at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR. I have been teaching adult and kids since 1991.

I started in a Dojo under Terry Copperman Sensei who had recently taken over from Jon Gilmore Sensei all under the Oregon Ki Society lead by Calvin Tabata Sensei. It was a great place to study because of the cohesive approach to teaching and the large and dedicated group to work with.

I came to aikido the fall after completing a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do in Ann Arbor Michigan where I had done my undergraduate college degrees. While I had continued my Tae Kwon Do studies almost out of a "you can't make me quit" approach, I was immediately taken in by the desire to learn what Ki-Society offered. For the next five years before I moved to take an architecture job in Chicago I was able to train with the local dojo and in events taught by Tabata Sensei in Portland. I view the mind and body training I received as a direct cause of my being able to survive and thrive in the stressful world of architecture school. During my time in Oregon I assisted with the children's classes under Copperman Sensei.

When I moved to Chicago I had the opportunity to train with John Eley Sensei which was a great but short experience as I decided to move to Seattle after 6 months.

In Seattle I had the great opportunity to train with Koichi Kashiwaya Sensei, Midland Ki Federation, Ki Akido USA as he built up the dojo there. I lived in Seattle from 1991-99. While in Kashiwaya Sensei's dojo I had the opportunity to teach adult and children's classes, running the experimental college beginners classes and the kid's program.

Since 2000 I have lived in Berkeley where I continue to run an architecture firm and train Aikido. Since 2000 I have studied with Pietro Maida Sensei of the Northern California Ki Society. During my time in Berkeley I have helped teach a variety of adult classes for Maida Sensei in a couple dojo settings. For the past couple of years I have been focused on finishing the building where my new dojo operates. Now I am focusing my attention on this new dojo with the hope that it will thrive.

I feel immensely lucky to have been in the Dojo's of 4 of Ki society's chief instructors. I highly value their perspectives on the teachings of Tohei Sensei. I was ranked yon-dan in aikido with chu-den ki rank in 2006, and hold a ( ) assistant lectureship in ki Society

In addition to regular training I have been able to attend instructor's seminars taught by Kashiwaya Sensei and over the past 15 years had the chance to attend Seminar's taught by Koichi Tohei Sensei, (1923-2011) in Oregon, Hawaii, and Japan. I continue to attend national Ki Society events taught by Shinichi Tohei Sensei and will continue to travel to Japan for training in the future.